We are young people, families and Baby Boomers alike who care about others and want toEnterprise Lions Club support and assist other people and organizations. We have a helping hand in everything from disaster relief and ceremony’s to boy scouts, youth outreach and events.

To become a Lion is to become an active volunteer, a member of a respected international organization, a leader in your community and a friend to people in need. Learn more about what we do.

Right now, Lions are performing volunteer work to improve communities around the world. We’re meeting to plan a local project. We’re sponsoring international exchanges for young people. We’re bringing clean drinking water to a remote village. We’re building. We’re sharing. We’re repairing. And we’re having fun.


Lions Club Membership

Join A Network of Volunteers and Friends

Lions members by the book are “groups of service-minded men and women who are interested in doing volunteer work to improve their communities.”

There are many reasons to become a member.

As a Lion, you’ll:

  • Help your community and gain valuable skills
  • Make an impact on people’s lives – locally and internationally
  • Learn to be a leader – and lead a respected organization
  • Network with business people in your community and around the world
  • Energize your life and have fun

You’ll grow personally and professionally. And you’ll know that the community volunteer work you perform is worthwhile and appreciated.

Choose the Membership That’s Right for You

Lions clubs are composed of diverse people in communities in nearly every corner of the world. That’s why we offer several ways to become a Lion – and serve.

  • Regular Member. Are you interested in volunteering, community service and making our world a better place in which to live? Lions Clubs International (LCI) offers community members the opportunity to volunteer locally together as a group. Members are expected to meet membership requirements such as dues set by the club and LCI. Take the first step toward membership today – contact a local club and ask to be invited to a meeting.
  • Family Membership. Looking for special programs and activities you can do with your family? A family membership allows relatives to volunteer together at a reduced dues rate. Family members must meet membership requirements, live in the same household and belong to the same club. Children cannot become members, but can participate in age-appropriate activities and attend club meetings. Tell the club you are joining you want to join as a family.
  • Student Member. Would you like to make new friends – and help others in your community at the same time? With a student membership, your dues are reduced. If you are enrolled in an educational institution and between the age of legal majority and 30, tell the club you are joining that you would like to take advantage of the Student Member Program dues discount.