All-Star Football Game

The annual Lions All-Star Football Game has progressed over close to three decadesfrom an idea of humble origin and uncertain future to a sometimes shaky, but eventual, unqualified success. It has been fun-raising and fund-raising at its’ very best.

The Purpose

Northeastern California’s finest prep football talent has competed in the Lions All-Star Football games held at Chico State University, Shasta College, Harrison Stadium in Oroville, Thompson Field in

Redding, and in the future other High School locations.Wherever this great game has been played all winners are not cited on the scoreboard. Besides the players and coaches, the recipients of any funds raised by this worthwhile project are winners.

They include: site conservation programs, City of Hope Cancer Research, Humanitarian Foundation (fires,

floods, medical assistance, etc.), Health Association, Camp McCumber, Medical Alert, drug abuse prevention and other philanthropic endeavors in the Lions crusade of community service.